ShoreStation Service


Burt Home Maintenance is your service specialist for Burt and Mullett Lakes. It is a maintenance program to keep your boat hoist(s) in good and worry free condition. The most common problems I have seen over the years is with the clutches, cables and pulleys. This service program is designed to eliminate these problems before they occur on Sunday afternoon. Clutches are something that should be looked at on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly and safely. I have seen many clutches that were not in safe working condition and the owner did not realize it. Cables and pulleys are something that need to be looked at to try to eliminate a mid summer breakdown. As per the service agreement, we will service your hoist(s) sometime between fall and spring. For a first year enrollee we will require the hoist(s) to be brought up to a reasonable standard to be covered by the agreement. For yearly enrollees, you will get your hoist(s) serviced every year and never have a further labor charge for covered services. Burt Home Maintenance has been in business for 19 years and a Shore Station dealer since 1985. We are Michigan's largest full line Shore Station dealer. We specialize in Shore Station dock and hoists but also sell Lakeside and Lakeshore dock and hoists. We try our best to offer a quality product at competitive prices. We have a large stock of parts available for Shore Station hoists and dock. We also have a Shore Station fall truckload sale every year. Contact us for your needs and we will be happy to quote you a price.

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